Learn The Systems They Used To Buy Land And Build A 160 Acre Off-Grid Homestead... Starting With No Money.

If you want to own some acreage, grow food, gain some independence, build self-sufficiency, be surrounded by friends and live a life of simple freedom… then Join Us for our On-Demand Off-Grid Living Virtual Training!

We're On A Mission to Help More People Become Self-Sufficient and Live a Life In Alignment With Natural Law

Our society is in crisis as we face monumental shifts in our way of life. There is no doubt that the current status quo is crumbling. Life as we have known it may never be the same as we face a bio-digital convergence that threatens to erode the very things that make us human.

A New Movement Towards an "Old" Way of Life

After the last few years of learning about the global agendas that threaten the way we live, eat, work and enjoy life I felt an incredible drive to find a group of people to buy land with, so we could create more self-sufficiency, resilience and true community. 

What's been even better is realizing how many people feel the same way and have the same desire to build a more disconnected, "off-grid" life, not dependent on the debt-based, soul depleting "system" we've been forced into.

There's a Better Way to Live

We set out to connect with others who were already working on creating self-sufficiency, developing land, living off-grid and building communities.

And that's when we met Jaymie & Shelby...

2 Brothers Building a 160 Acre Homestead & Community

A friend of mine invited me to join them for a weekend getaway at the property to learn more about what these 2 brothers were doing out in the rural wilderness of the southern Okanagan. 

What I was told, was that these 2 brothers didn't have a lot of money, (actually had bad credit) and somehow were able to acquire 160 acres of prime land, in just 3 months! 

But what really peaked my interest was how they were able to create up to $30,000 of monthly income from the land in just 7 months! 

These guys didn't just have a wild dream, they were actually building it. And they had the knowledge, experience and systems to make their dream a reality. 
After that weekend, I decided, we had to bring these guys on the Librti Learn platform to share their strategies, experience and lessons. More and more people are seeking a different life. A life more connected to nature. A life that nurtures community, connection and the soul. 


Off-Grid Living 
On-Demand Virtual Training

Learn the Strategies & Systems They Used to Acquire and Fund the Vision of Building a 160 acres, Off-Grid, Retreat & Community 

Start Building Your Off-Grid Lifestyle Today

Hosted By

Jaymie Friesen

Workshop Eductor

What Will You Learn? 

Let's be honest. Acquiring land and developing it in to your dream off-grid living lifestyle is not a weekend project.

This could be one of the biggest investments you make in your life. And it's going to take years of commitment, dedication and perseverance. 

Don't try to do it alone!

One of the most important things I've learned in my 15 years as an entrepreneur is that learning from other's experience, lessons and mistakes is the most valuable investment you can make. 

Most will never take the first step towards building their dream lifestyle. And it's usually because they lack the knowledge and experience.

This workshop will help to answer many of the questions you might have, or at least get you moving in the right direction.

Do You Have Any of These Questions?

There is a lot to learn and most likely you have a lot of questions.

  • How do I determine what type of land or size of acreage I actually need? 
  • How do I find and buy the land that suits my needs?
  • How do I find funding or get the money I need to acquire and build?
  • What are the best off-grid systems for energy, heat, sanitation, food & water?
  • How do I buy land if I don't have the money?
  • What are the best methods for growing food and raising animals? Do I need to learn permaculture or regenerative farming?
  • What do I look for when assessing land?
  • How do I plan my budget and what are the best ways to create cashflow on my land quickly?
  • And many more... 

Some of the Topics We'll Cover

These are some of the topics we'll discuss during the Off-Grid Living On-Demand Virtual Training:

  • LAND: location, zoning, how to find the perfect property for your needs
  • SHELTER: how to decide the type of shelter, what are the first steps to start building it
  • WATER & COLLECTION SYSTEM: best options and affordable solutions
  • FOOD: how to develop a plan for a sustainable way to grow food and raise animals
  • OFF GRID POWER: the challenges, options and solutions depending on your situation and budget
  • POWER STORAGE SYSTEM: how to determine storage needs and the best option for your situation
  • WASTE DISPOSAL & SEPTIC SYSTEM: from temporary, innovative to permanent solutions in an off-grid situation
  • OFF GRID MINDSET, CHALLENGES, BENEFITS: learn from our experience doing it ourselves as well as helping and coaching hundreds of others through the journey

How Did They Do It So Fast?

Jaymie and Shelby were broke, with bad credit when they acquired their 160 acres property and started building their off-grid retreat and community right away. In fact, within just 7 months they had several structures and were bringing in up to $30k in monthly cashflow to support their project. How did they do it? And what are the secrets to their success? It comes down to these 3 core factors.
Proper Mindset

I can't tell you how many times Jaymie has said to me that an individual's mindset is the #1 most important factor to their success in creating their off-grid dream lifestyle. Jaymie will help you to make the critical "mindset shifts" that will help you to see the dream of creating your off-grid life as a possible reality. Just a couple key takeaways here will complete shift your approach.

Proper Strategy

Your success on this journey is dependent on your STRATEGY. You need to understand the bigger picture of how all of the systems and methods work together. There are many challenges and roadblocks that will stop your progress, but a solid strategy will keep you focused on your destination and help you persevere when difficulties arise. Just 1 or 2 simple strategies you will learn will make all the difference!

Proper Plan

As you being to clarify your strategy, you will finally be able to start putting together a proper plan to take you from dream to reality. Most people with the off-grid dream try to wing it and hope for the best. That usually ends in disaster. With a proper plan that encompasses all the most important components that go into creating on off-grid life, it will finally be possible to stay the course. 

Here's What Some of Jaymie's Students Have To Say...

BONUS #1 - Community Resource Sheet ($67 Value) 

  • Get Access to Azhen Sanctuary’s list of Suppliers & Connections from over 2000 people living or working on living the off-grid dream!
  • A rolodex of invaluable contacts and resources that will save you money and time!

BONUS #2 - How to Get The Best People On Your Team ($47 Value) 

  • How To Find Caretakers, Builders, And Volunteers, Filter Out The Best Ones, Protect Yourself, And Automate Your Workload
  • Save time and money by following our systems & processes when building your team 

BONUS #3 - Private FB Group Access ($27 Value) 

  • Connect with likeminded people, learn more, and contribute to the community by sharing your own experiences

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