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Join us for our Premiere "Workshop Series" Fall 2022

LibrtiLearn is proud to announce our premiere workshop series as we bring together 6 exceptional educators in the areas of, food preservation, health & vitality, immunity, land & communities, entrepreneurship and survival & prepping. 

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Sun. Nov. 20th, 2022

Together We Will

Learn the Strategies to Create Your Off-Grid Homestead or Community

If you want to own some acreage, grow food, gain independence, build self-sufficiency, be surrounded by friends and live a life of simple freedom… then Join Us for a LIVE Virtual Gathering

Sunday, Nov. 20th 2022  

We're On A Mission to Help More People Become Self-Sufficient and Live a Life In Alignment With Natural Law.

Our society is in crisis as we face monumental shifts in our way of life. Life as we have known it may never be the same as we face a bio-digital convergence that threatens to erode the very things that make us human.

In contrast, a growing number of people are looking to escape the city, find some land, grow food, create independence and become more self-sufficient. 

If that's you and you want to learn from others that are creating their off-grid lifestyle, join us for this virtual gathering.

About Your Educator
Jaymie Friesen
Azhen Sanctuary

Jaymie Friesen has started 7 businesses since the age of 13 finding his passion in purpose-driven companies, innovative products and leading teams.

Jaymie's most recent project is building Azhen Sanctuary. Azhen is a 160 acre off-grid sanctuary that allows Jaymie to get back to his love of nature, to his Indigenous lineage, and bring real tangible solutions to increasing climate and sovereignty issues.

Jaymie's greatest passion is seeing the heartfelt connection that happens at Azhen, and studying/practicing regenerative farming, holistic land managing, and utilizing his marketing, sales and business skills in this area that needs it most. Most of all, educating others on how to live a self sufficient secure life in alignment with nature!

Sat. Nov. 26th, 2022

Together We Will

Put Preparations In Place to Be Able to "Bug In" at Home for 2-3 Weeks

With Our World in Turmoil, This is the Training Everybody Needs to See Right Now

Saturday, Nov. 26th, 2022 

Preparing your family and your home for an emergency situation is more important than ever in 2022. Our world is in turmoil and there are multiple threats, depending on your location, that could put you in a situation where you have to survive on your own for days, maybe even weeks. 

Joshua "JD" Lemmens has been training on emergency prepping and survival for many years through British Columbia and Canada. 

JD will lead you through building out your initial 72 hour bag and then continuing on to build out a plan for up to weeks of bugging in at home in an emergency or "SHTF" situation. 

This is the training, each of us need.

About Your Educator
Joshua "JD" Lemmens
Indigenous POV

Joshua Lemmens is a filmmaker, educator, facilitator and mediator. He has lead educational experiences in prepping and survival skills for many years and is excited to bring his years of knowledge to Librti Learn.

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