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Liberate yourself from the chains and entanglements of a society and narrative that no longer serves us. Reclaim lost knowledge and explore better alternatives and creative solutions to the problems and challenges that plague our modern world.

Learn and develop new knowledge, skills and experience in our main areas of focus.
Emergency Prepping Fundamentals

As the elite continue to take more control over our food, land and sustenance, a growing number of freedom lovers are beginning to reclaim these fundamental necessities to create decentralized, local and sustainable solutions.

Build An Impenetrable Immune System with Nutrition, Supplements & Lifestyle Strategies

The key to creating a robust immune system that can efficiently remove any infections which might threaten your quality of life, is to maximize three foundational areas that will make your body inhospitable to these pathogenic microorganisms. 

Nano Detox & Recovery Workshop

Discover What it Takes to Eliminate Hidden Root Causes of Chronic Illnesses Like Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, & Fibromyalgia. After years of suffering from debilitating symptoms, I began to discover little known solutions, that resulted in me finally making a real recovery.

Live the Off-Grid Lifestyle Virtual Workshop

A virtual training experience on the topic of acquiring land and developing a homestead, retreat or community for off-grid, regenerative living. Learn from the co-founder of Azhen Sanctuary, Jaymie Friesen, as he covers a variety of important topics & answers some of the biggest questions people have when it comes to finding, acquiring and developing an off-grid property.

Create Your Family Food Security Plan

Create Your Family Food Security Plan in a Weekend to Secure 6 - 12 Months of Food and Save Big MONEY at the Grocery Store!
Learn how anyone, can preserve & store 6-12 months of food for the winter, even if you've never preserved food before and didn't plant a garden!

Jumpstart Your Health Training & 10 Day Challenge

The Jumpstart Your Health On Demand Virtual Workshop and 10 Day Challenge will help you to make 4 specific changes to your dietary routine and to see noticeable health benefits in just one week!

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Librti Learn Academy

Librti Learn is a new education platform focused on empowering individuals to take responsibility for their lives and create a better society through the 4 pillars of Independence, Ingenuity, Collaboration and Community.

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