Jumpstart Your Health in Just 10 Days With 4 Simple(But Powerful)Changes to Your Diet!

If you're experiencing chronic symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, bloating, constipation, brain fog, weight gain, and joint pain, this outcome focused workshop will help you to easily make a big shift in your health!

“I am LOVING the full nutritional plan - 5.5 kg (12 lbs) shed in 9 days - I am blown away! I am also moving more freely and easily, my random racing heart has stopped, I am less fatigued, my mood is much better, I am not out of breath so often, and generally feeling good - I can't wait to see more results!”
M. Hunt, Australia

Eating to Solve Health Problems is Not Something Most Health "Experts" Can Show You

Even if you buy organic and are a label reading ninja, there’s no guarantee that your food is going to remove chronic issues like fatigue, headaches, skin conditions, sleep problems, joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, and the other litany of symptoms caused by infections and malnourishment.

What’s worse is most diets are geared towards weight loss, and are largely unsustainable, awkward, and ineffective. Who is going to count calories and macros, or weigh and measure their food for the rest of their life to feel moderately good and keep weight off? NO ONE.

To add insult to injury, finding someone who has used food to overcome chronic health problems is like finding a unicorn.

Most Health "Experts" Are Long on Theory and Short on Experience

Very few "health experts" have real-life experience of overcoming chronic health issues which makes them ill-prepared to understand what works in the REAL world AND provide the important details to make it happen for you.

This leaves you struggling, trying to dig yourself out of your hole, by drinking celery juice, reading articles, and watching videos trying to discern who is the real deal, while searching for proof that they know what they’re talking about.

This is the dead end most people find themselves at, until they find me and My Nutritional Plans.
"Since 2014, I have helped clients reverse over 20 different chronic conditions through my THRIVE Academy using nutrition and other holistic methods. What I’ve shown them is overcoming any health concerns (from fatigue to autoimmune) is not as difficult as they believed, when they get a sustainable and enjoyable nutrition plan that helps to eliminate the major causes of ALL disease!
Derek Henry
Health Mentor

I Overcame 13 Chronic Health Conditions, All Under My Own Direction!

You can imagine how debilitating that would be to the body and mind, and how difficult it would be to overcome them without any medical advice or professional intervention. But I’m not your average cat…

I decided early on that I would fix my health problems completely naturally, once I found the proper advice to do it. Then I received an email from a family member about the healing benefits of broccoli, and I was completely fascinated how FOOD could heal. So down the nutrition rabbit hole I went…

3 years later I came up for air, with ALL my outward symptoms completely gone, thanks to using food as my medicine!

Now, I teach others how to use food to get the results they REALLY want, without the expense and time investment it took me to figure it all out!

What's Holding You Back From The Health You Want?

You likely haven’t created the health you want yet because…

  • Too distracted - with Google, countless books, and social media personalities, it’s easy to get splintered and not have a clear direction on resolving your health concerns.
  • Too overwhelmed - the problems these days is that there is too much information, and trying to decipher what works and what doesn’t becomes a full time job.
  • No accountability - when left to your own devices and having no immediate follow up, it’s easy to fall off the wagon.
  • No clear direction on where to start - you’re trying random things you pick up from posts, articles, books, and health professionals, but the synergy is weak and plans are unorganized.
  • You’re following the “experts” - very few of these people have the experience of healing their own disease, let alone anyone else. This leaves them long on theory, big on hype, and short on results.

(The good news is in this on-demand training you’ll become focused, held accountable, be given clear direction, and all from an experienced mentor who has already done what you want to do!)

THE SOLUTION: The 4 golden nuggets often ignored by the “experts”, that significantly change your RESULTS!

The answer to good health is simpler than you think, but looks complicated when you’re on the outside looking in. Let me break it down for you in simple terms from a nutritional perspective. Food should be the following if you want to improve your health:

  • Anti-Microbial: Whether it is a parasite, fungal, bacterial, or viral issue, your food must consistently have these properties to help clear these energy sucking and disease creating microorganisms. The good news is that’s relatively easy, with the right food plan.
  • Nutrient dense: Most people eat for quantity, and not quality. Once you drastically increase your vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics in your food, nutrient deficiencies become resolved which really moves the needle on your overall health and well-being.
  • Highly digestible: You are not so much what you eat, as you are what you DIGEST. Eating foods that are nutrient dense AND are easily absorbed by your body, makes it so your dietary changes happen at a cellular level, and are not “lost in translation” or flushed down the toilet.
  • Highly hydrating: Your food should be the primary source of your hydration, NOT straight water intake. When you learn delicious food preparation that hydrates you efficiently, you can finally reward your body with the hydration it NEEDS which will create the health results you WANT.

Once you learn how to implement these 4 dealmakers into your diet consistently through delicious recipes, the transformation begins!

Make ONLY 4 Specific Changes to Your Food Routine and See Noticeable Benefits in Just 10 days!


The Jumpstart Your Health On-Demand Virtual Training and 10 Day Challenge

Hosted By

Derek Henry

Health Mentor

How Is This Different From Other Nutrition Seminars?

Listen, most workshops are put on by nutritionists who may understand the nutritive properties of food, BUT (and it’s a big one) very few know how to identify, prepare, and make food delicious while adhering to the major principles that take food from being a hobby to being therapeutic so you can dramatically improve your well-being.

This can only be done by someone who has the “boots on the ground” experience of removing a multitude of health problems through nutrition, and has the ability to simplify the approach for “newbies” or health enthusiasts who are ready to be well, but haven’t found the wisdom and guidance to pull it off.

How Can I Help People Create Results So Fast?

Once I figured out how to pull all the successful concepts together and put them into a food plan, I went from wandering in the nutritional desert to hitting the highway to health. What took me 3 years to achieve initially through my discombobulated shotgun approach, I later condensed into an 8 week plan that could deliver the same results.

In other words, with my new ORGANIZED knowledge on using food to overcome chronic health conditions, I achieved results 80% FASTER. I now pass on those “time savings” to you, so you can get back your quality of life MUCH FASTER (and much cheaper).
"This training will show you how quickly things can change with your health in just 10 days, by adopting 4 simple and fun changes to your diet!"
Derek HenryWorkshop Educator
If you want to stay out of doctor’s offices and get off prescriptions, you have to learn how to use food to keep yourself in top condition. If it’s not highly anti-microbial, nutrient dense, highly digestible, and highly hydrating(which automatically makes it anti-inflammatory), health conditions will stubbornly stick and new conditions will creep in over time.

You also need to know how to avoid antibiotics, create a natural pharmacy in your home, and how to shop like a boss to avoid and eliminate sickness!

That’s why I’ve included these bonuses!

BONUS #1 - How to Avoid Hospital Antibiotics 
($17 Value) 

One of the most prescribed and health damaging prescriptions given out today is antibiotics. Even though they can clear out the rogue bacteria that is causing a health issue, they also clear out a lot of good bacteria (probiotics), which leaves your delicate gut microbiome looking like a lawn of dead grass and weeds. In other words, a mess that will take some time to clean up!

I will provide a list of my top 5 safest and effective antibacterial remedies, including a legendary tonic that removes most bacterial infections in 72 hours or less, and you can make it right at home!

BONUS #2 - Create Your Natural Pharmacy ($27 Value) 

Staying out of hospital and avoiding medications is a sure sign of health sovereignty. The good news is when you have “grandma's cupboard” in your home, you can do a much better job of avoiding that trip to the doctor.

Learn how to clear 11 common health conditions at home like acne, constipation, headaches, muscle cramps and rashes, using food, supplements, herbs, habits, therapies, and more!

BONUS #3 - Grocery Cheat Sheet ($7 Value) 

Each aisle at the grocery store is a health minefield. With most food companies beholden to their investors and their insatiable desire for profits over well-being of their customers, they have placed “food-like” substances and other toxic materials into nearly all of their products. How do you read ingredient labels and choose the best foods like a four degree blackbelt?

You use my Grocery Cheat Sheet to avoid the most toxic ingredients commonly found in packaged products, and to help you choose the best foods to eat in every major food category. 

“Derek helped me heal my very serious case of hypothyroidism. After 4 days in his "Thrive Academy", I noticed my symptoms were already reducing. After 8 weeks, he had me off 4 of 5 medications and my symptoms diminished by about 70%. I lost 25 lbs, 5 inches, 4 pant sizes, and increased my mobility and range of motion. I also now have increased energy, better mood, and better clarity. What I love is he takes a complicated and frustrating subject and simplifies it so anyone can understand and take action. Thank you!”
Myrtle E., Calgary, AB

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While it is not specifically designed as an intense detox, implementing the 4 specific dietary components will assist the body in cleansing out toxic materials from organs, glands, and tissues.

Absolutely! These changes are not meant to be temporary, but ones you can keep for the rest of your life for optimal health.

No problem. We have a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. We only want happy customers and satisfied members. If you aren't thrilled with your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Submit a support ticket here: [email protected]

Of course! Any upgrades to your diet will be helpful for your overall energy, focus, and performance. This virtual training will help tune in your efforts so you can be even healthier!

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