Create Your Family Food Security Plan in a Weekend to Secure 6 - 12 Months of Food and Save Big MONEY at the Grocery Store!

Learn how anyone, can preserve & store 6-12 months of food for the winter, even if you've never preserved food before and didn't plant a garden!

"Stephanie completely shifted the way I think about food preservation in just 30 minutes of talking with her. She shared with me a couple simple strategies that I know everyone can do right away. Trust me, you will feel such confidence after learning her plan."
Norbert OrlewiczCo-Founder,

Rising Prices and Food Security a Major Concern for Most People in 2022

Cost of food in Canada increased 8.8% in June of 2022 over the same month in the previous year. 
Food is typically a family's biggest expense. With the cost of living at all time highs, it's no wonder more and more people are seriously worried about having enough money to feed their family. 

In addition to rising costs, we've seen how the Globalists are intentionally manipulating and destroying global food supplies and attempting to re-engineer how we get our food and what we eat.

You Don't Need A Lot of Money to Create Food Security For You & Your Loved Ones!

"So far in 2022, I have personally spent just over $200 on my family's groceries... that's now 7 months! Storing & preserving food isn't hard and it's NOT expensive! All you need first is a simple, fool-proof plan. And that's exactly what we'll create together on this live training!" 
Stephanie Taylor
Workshop Instructor

I Built My Own Grocery Store ...
In My House!

I've been growing veggies, preserving and canning for years. But it has always been "just a hobby". 

Then last year, I had a gut feeling, that I needed to take food security for my family much more seriously. So I sat down, created a REAL plan and simply followed it step-by-step.

When food prices started to skyrocket this year, I wasn’t scared. I had the confidence and security of knowing we would be ok. And that I could do it again. I now had the tools, strategy and experience to expand it even further.

And now I want to share it with you... 

What's Holding You Back?

You haven't created food security because of one of these reasons...

  • No Knowledge - You never learned from your parents the simple strategies to preserve and store food the way grandma used to
  • No Time - Like everyone you are busy enough with life responsibilities you can't imagine having enough time to learn (let alone do) the canning, prepping, dehydrating, preserving and storing all the food you'll need
  • No Money - Most people think that buying all of the gear and equipment to preserve food is going to cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars... but nothing could be further from the truth.
  • No Space - You don't live on an acreage and you don't have a homestead. Like most people you probably live in a regular house, or apartment, so there's no place for you to store that much food! 
  • No Garden - You didn't grow a garden, or if you did, its far too small to actually produce enough food to feed your family for a week let alone 6 - 12 months!

(THE GOOD NEWS: None of these problems will stand in your way!)


You don't need to learn a dozen preservation strategies and spend weeks mastering the techniques!  Food security can be simple.

  • It's Easy - Realize these were basic things our grandparents did. It's not learning rocket science :)
  • Focus on Basics - You don't need to study for weeks and learn dozens of different strategies, since we'll start with simple methods anyone can do and build from there
  • You Need Strategy - You can learn a whole bunch of different methods, but if you're missing a proper strategy you'll struggle to start and barely get anything done
  • You Need a Plan - If your goal is food security, you need to have a plan. Otherwise you'll find yourself with a whole lot of jam and a lot of wasted food and money.


Family Food Security Plan
On-Demand Virtual Workshop

Focus on the Basics, Shift Your Approach and Create Your Money-Saving Family Food Security Plan in a Weekend! 

Hosted By

Stephanie Taylor

Workshop Eductor

How Is This Different?

Look, you can keep searching on YouTube, watching hours and hours of videos and still have nothing to show for it. 

In fact, you'll probably never come across this information because most YouTubers focus on methods, instead of strategy. This is the missing piece.

You can purchase comprehensive courses that teach you every strategy and technique known to man, but you're still struggling to actually get started.

Or you simply don't have the time to seek out the right information and study for weeks. 

Winter is coming...

Now is the time to build your family's food security plan.

How Did I Do It So Fast?

What I discovered is that learning all the skills is only part of the challenge. You will still feel overwhelmed and confused if you don't know your STRATEGY.

I figured out what wasn't being taught; the thing that pulled it all together.
I figured out HOW you tap out of the system, without wasting precious time and money.

That's why my "Family Food Security Plan Workshop" is the best way to get you started fast! 
Proper Mindset

We'll start by shifting your  entire approach to the idea of food preservation. You don't need to look at it as some foreign, overwhelming and difficult task. These use to be basic things our grandparents did before we simply got sucked into a life of convenience.

Proper Strategy

Your success on this journey is dependent on your STRATEGY. You need to understand the bigger picture of how all of the methods work together. Most importantly, when you actually focus on only what YOU need, the entire process will fall in to place. We'll start with simple strategies you can do right away.

Proper Plan

You'll leave the workshop with the strategy, the worksheets and the tools to create your unique Family Food Security Plan and know exactly what your next steps will be to put the plan in to action. No need to spend weeks learning and planning when we can get all of this done in a single weekend! 

"This workshop will make you feel empowered AF knowing you actually have a strategy and plan to preserve 6 to 12 months worth of food for your family!"
Stephanie TaylorWorkshop Educator

There's 3 Basic Questions You Must Answer Before You Start Preserving & Storing:

If you don’t have clear answers to these basic questions, you’ll remain overwhelmed, unclear and unproductive.


You Need to Preserve & Store


You Get The Ingredients


You Will Preserve & Store It

BONUS #1 - Preserving Math Worksheet ($27 Value) 

  • Calculate exactly how much to plan if you have a garden. 
  • Discover exactly how much food you will actually need to last you 6 months, 12 months or even longer! 
  • Eliminate overwhelm and confusion. 
  • Save BIG money on your grocery bill this winter as prices continue to rise

BONUS #2 - Strategy Map Worksheet ($37 Value) 

  • Discover the most important questions you MUST answer before you start. 
  • Get crystal clear on exactly what you will actually need to preserve & store - nothing more, nothing less.. 
  • Save time, money & energy by staying focused only on what you really need. 
  • A proper strategy will help to ensure you actually get started right away and complete the project.

BONUS #3 - Recorded Q&A Session ($47 Value) 

  • Learn more by listening to Stephanie's answers to the most common questions
  • Ensure you understand how to use the worksheets and strategy 
  • Help you complete your food security plan for your family  
  • You'll walk away with the confidence knowing you'll have your own grocery store! 

BONUS #4 - Your Family Food Security Plan PDF ($67 Value) 

  • Follow along through the downloadable PDF during the Live Workshop
  • Create your step-by-step plan to preserve 6 to 12 months of food for your family
  • Follow your plan so you can get right in to action fast
  • Keep for your notes to review as you implement your strategy

Buy Now

$37 USD

  • ON-DEMAND Virtual Training Workshop
  • Preserving Math Worksheet
  • Strategy Map Worksheet
  • Family Food Security Plan Downloadable PDF
  • BONUS Q&A Session

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You will get access to the full recording of a past live workshop. You can access this recording on-demand, at any time. We may offer a LIVE workshop opportunity to all customers in the near future.

No problem! This workshop is perfect for beginners and experienced individuals as well. We'll be focused on the fundamentals and creating a unique and strategic plan for you to follow which will make preserving and storing food much easier and faster.

The focus of this workshop isn't going to be on teaching you all of the details of different methods. Learning those skills is part of it, but you really need a clear plan first so you only invest time and energy into what you really need to learn. This is the key most people miss and the reason they struggle to accomplish their food security goals.

No problem. We have a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. We only want happy customers and satisfied members. If you aren't thrilled with your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Submit a support ticket here:

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