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Do you posses knowledge, skills, experience and expertise in a topic within our 6 "Areas of Focus"?

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The Opportunity:

Become a Founding Educator at Librti Learn

We are looking for content creators, educators, instructors and experts who will take the lead to educate and empower our community to be more self reliant, resilient and reach for their full potential. 

Founding Educators will receive the biggest return on their investment of time in terms of reach and audience growth on the platform. If selected, we will strategize your marketing & growth strategy, including on-going promotion that positions Founding Educators to receive a lot of exposure to our community and their networks. 

We are looking for both established digital course creators & educators as well as those who have never created a digital or virtual training in their life, but possess valuable knowledge or skillsets and are qualified to teach others. 


  • must have an expertise in one of our 6 Areas of Focus
  • must have excellent knowledge, skills & expertise in their specific topic
  • must have some experience or track record of training, educating or coaching in that specific topic

Areas of Focus

Learn and develop new knowledge, skills and experience in our main areas of focus.
Health & Wellness

Our human body is a gift from God. All we need to do is better understand how to optimize our own health & wellness and take full responsibility for our health. Freedom begins with our own body.

Entrepreneurship, Money & Abundance

Money is one of our enemy's primary tools of control. We can only liberate ourselves from financial bondage if we better understand the truth about money, energy and the value we each inherently posses.

Law & Governance

How shall we be governed? This is the question we have for far too long taken for granted. We now realize that we must better understand our relationship to Law & Governance if we truly desire to live free.

Food, Land & Sustainability

As the elite continue to take more control over our food, land and sustenance, a growing number of freedom lovers are beginning to reclaim these fundamental necessities to create decentralized, local and sustainable solutions.

Survival, Security, Tech & Prepping

In uncertain and dangerous times, we all feel the need to improve our knowledge and skills to be prepared for potential deadly situations that may put our families lives at risk. Together we can build resilience and self reliance.

Personal Growth, Spirituality, Relationship & Love

True liberation can only be experienced when one breaks free from the spiritual, emotional and mental chains that bind us. Liberate your full potential in your own life and the lives of those you touch.

About Librti Learn

Librti Learn is a digital education membership. Our members are united in our shared values and exercise our universal rights of association, freedom & choice.

Librti Learn is a new education platform focused on empowering individuals to take responsibility for their lives and create a better society through the 4 pillars of Independence, Ingenuity, Collaboration and Community. 

Our instructors, educators and trainers are committed to empowering our members on their journey of liberation.

Norbert Orlewicz

Norbert Orlewicz is the co-founder of, LibrtiLearn and Norbert has 14 years of experience in the digital and virtual education and training industry. Through his businesses, programs and events, Norbert has trained over 150,000 individuals around the world and assisted in the creation & publication of nearly 100 digital courses and programs in a variety of industries. 

Norbert brings his wealth of experience to make LibrtiLearn the premiere educational platform for freedom loving individuals. 

Librti Learn Academy

Librti Learn is a new education platform focused on empowering individuals to take responsibility for their lives and create a better society through the 4 pillars of Independence, Ingenuity, Collaboration and Community.

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